Praise The Lord!

11 November, 2018
Change can be scary, but God is greater than all our fears. Trust in His faithfulness. There is nothing bigger than God! Praise The LORD!

Good and Angry

4 November, 2018
This is wrong - and it MATTERS DON'T pretend that you don't desire revenge. DO, anticipate revenge by groaning for revenge - on Satan. Romans 12: 17-21
When is a good time to praise God? God's love is HUGE! In the midst of struggle, call on God's promises, His power. Praise Him even when you feel weak…

Who is Great?

7 October, 2018
Who is truly great? A strong and certain Hope. God's opinion matters. God NEVER sees us as inadequate.

The LORD reigns

26 August, 2018
Exalt the Lord our God. He is Power, He is Mighty, He is Forgiving.
Parable of the vineyard workers. That's Not Fair! God IS fair, God chooses to be generous, God is free, to do whatever He likes. How will you finish the story?