About Us

Meet the Interim Pastor

Interim Pastor Damien Bailey started with us part time in September 2021. He commenced his initial theology training in Victoria in 2002 at Tabor Bible College. After completing his carpentry trade, he worked on his Bachelor of Ministry part time over many years at Vose Seminary (now: Morling College, Vose Campus) in 2016.

When he hasn’t been involved in paid ministry, he’s worked as a trade trainer, and musical equipment specialist.

Damien has a heart for community building, mission, church planting, youth and young families. His emphasis in ministry is about serving and growing people in the awareness of the Kingdom of God through community building activities and gatherings.

The overall role of the Pastor is to serve the members through the Board by implementing the Church’s mission of encouraging people to know God, share Christ, and care for people.

Photo credit: unsplash.com Patrick Fore

Meet the Board

We currently have five persons on our Board:

  • David Holland (Chairperson)
  • Gordon Wilson (Secretary)
  • Leeanne Rogerson (Treasurer)
  • Jenny Shurmer (General Board Member)
  • Maree O’Conner (General Board Member)

Part of the Board’s role is to oversee the church employees, the physical resources of the church, the financial management of the church, the safety requirements of the church, and the legal requirements of the church.

Photo credit: unplash.com – Dylan Gillis

Meet the Oversight Team

We currently have four members on our Oversight Team –

  • Dorothy Nicholls
  • Peter Nicholls, and
  • Bruce Godden.

Part of the Oversight Team’s role is to provide pastoral support and leadership for the congregation, pastor, and Board through prayer, care, and teaching.

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Meet the Church

We are part of the Baptist Churches of Western Australia.

Here are some videos on the distinctives of a Baptist Church – The Values Project

Here are links to a few of our important governing documents:

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P.S. We often get asked, “Why is there a brush in the wall?

Well, over 20 years ago, the congregation made the bricks for the church themselves. The pastor at the time, Howard, reportedly dropped the brush in a brick at the end of a long day. They decided to leave it there to remember making the bricks, and its now above the door to the pastors’ office.

Photo Credit (people): unsplash.com – Priscilla Du Preez