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Pass The Salt Please

What fruit is our church producing in this community?  I think there’s a lot of hidden fruit that we’re not actually aware of!  We may be tempted to think that because our church doesn’t have an official ‘social welfare’ outreach, … Read More

Be blessed!

Hello Reader. I want to speak a blessing over you and over the people of this town. We are here to bless and to be a blessing. We love this town. We love the people of this town. We are … Read More

How Do We Stop Complaining?

This morning I gave the following short talk at the Craft Group, and thought you may appreciate it: A Trappist monk was allowed to say only two words every three years. After the first three years, he said to the … Read More

In the Light

In light of (!) the upcoming sermon on 1 John 1:5-2:2 (“God is light”), I keep thinking of this song from my youth, and thought it worth sharing. Enjoy! Every blessing, Pastor Craig.

1 John Overview Video

Hello all you wonderful people of MRBC, I hope you are doing okay today, and that you are finding your joy in King Jesus through God’s indwelling Holy Spirit. As you may already know, we are about to enter into … Read More