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1 John Overview Video

Hello all you wonderful people of MRBC, I hope you are doing okay today, and that you are finding your joy in King Jesus through God’s indwelling Holy Spirit. As you may already know, we are about to enter into … Read More

A Pastoral Lockdown Reflection with Some Tips

Dear Church. I guess we’re all feeling all the emotions! This morning, during my silent prayer, I noticed that my mind was very restless. It was very therapeutic to keep coming back again and again to my prayer phrase: “be still.” (from Psalm 46:10). This past weekend our MRBC … Read More

Q&A – “Is that really You, God?”

So, this year, our theme is, “Spiritual Formation” and our focus is on “Contemplation.“ Today someone asked me a question, “How do you know it’s God you’re hearing during contemplation?“ That is a really important question! To begin, I want … Read More

Pastoral Update

Grace and Peace to you in Jesus. My Pastoral “Mission” for the Year (2021) Last year, due to all the various circumstances of the year (aka Covid-19), I found myself far too, “desk bound“. This year my heart’s desire is … Read More

Christian Meditation Group

Have you ever sat in silence together in a group to just, be still, and know that God is? Well, here’s a great opportunity to do try it! This ancient form of Christian prayer, rooted in the gospel and St … Read More