Morning friends

Toward the end of last year I really sensed the Lord saying to me, very specifically: “Be still and know that I am God.”

One clear implication of this for me was that there needed to be more silence and less noise in my life.

But quite frankly, since the Covid-19 drama hit I’ve been struggling to fulfil that intention.

There’s been a lot of noise, particularly on social media –  podcasts, videos, audios, broadcasts, articles, virtual meetings, phone calls, Etc.

This increase in audiovisual super stimulation has been, I think, unhealthy, at least for my brain. Too much screen time, too much watching, too much listening and not enough being still and quiet and knowing that God is.

So my thought for today is to revive that challenge in my own life and invite you to join me.

I’ve got a simple breathing exercise that I’m doing – For twenty minutes I sit quietly and I breath in deeply, and every time I breath out I say, “Lord, have mercy.” This has a profound effect on my mind and my body – it brings focus and peace. And so I want to encourage you to give it a go.

That’s all folks.

God bless you.



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