Ps. Craig’s Message at the Church’s 35th Anniversary

We stand on the shoulder’s of giants.

10 days ago I celebrated my two-year anniversary of being the pastor here.

And it really has been a privilege and an honour to serve you.

Probably, the biggest event in these two years has been Covid-19.

We were going really well before Covid.

Now, we’re still trying to recover.

But, every cloud has a silver lining.

The Covid-19 silver lining is that we have been given a launch pad for a new beginning.

And this is especially true as we celebrate the church’s 35th birthday.

We get to look back with deep gratitude on the sacrifices that were made to bring us to where we are today.

And we get to look forward with great hopeful expectation asking, “Where to from here?

The generation who planted and built this church, and helped it grow are eager to reach, equip, and empower the next generation.

So yes, this is an exciting time for new beginnings.

An opportunity to reach a new generation… who are quite different – they think differently, and they do life differently.

Not worse or better, just differently.

And so, it’s a wonderful time to be creative, imaginative, and innovative.

While the gospel stays the same, the packaging is always evolving.

And so, my encouragement for us today as we look backward with thanks is to also look forward with creativity and ask ourselves,

How can we effectively reach, equip, and empower the next generation?

What do we need to let go of? What do we need to embrace?

And all this calls for discernment, and so I’d like to offer a “future prayer” now, so, please bow your heads with me:

“God, today, we look back with gratitude.

And we look forward with hope.

And we long to live in the present with faithfulness and love.

We’re thankful for what’s been.

And we’re expectant of what’s to come.

And we’re trying to be present to what is.

We look to you for your help.

As we move forward we want to be an authentic embassy of your Kingdom.

A place where you are glorified and where people are helped.

So, here are seven request we have:

Please send us the workers that we need for this harvest.

Please give us the discernment that we need for the new conditions we find ourselves in.

Please help us to let go of things we need to let go of to reach this generation.

Please help us embrace the things we need to embrace to reach this generation.

Please help us be creative, innovative, and imaginative in how we package and present your message.

Please help us be a place of healing and hope for this generation.

Please help us truly love one another and truly serve one another as we go on this new journey together.

In Jesus’ name,