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What to Expect on Sunday Morning

As you come in on a Sunday morning, you will be greeted by welcomers at the door. They will give you our weekly newsletter and a copy of the Bible. When we refer to the Bible in the service, we give page numbers from the church Bibles so people can check for themselves what we are speaking about.

015bIf you arrive before the service starts, you might notice the mixed mob of ordinary people also arriving. We aren’t perfect and all of us had our first day in church, so if you don’t understand something, simply ask.

005bAt about 10am our relaxed contemporary service gets underway. During the service we hear from God’s word and respond to God by singing and praying. A collection is taken up and on the first Sunday of the month we share in the communion ceremony together. Both collection and communion are for people who have made a Christian commitment, so feel free to simply observe (and maybe ask the pastor about it afterwards).

During school term, every second Sunday, the primary aged children go out to their own Sunday School groups part way through the service. During school holidays, and every other Sunday, the kids are offered activity packs and stay in for the whole service. There is also a room for parents or carers to take younger children if the need arises- it is off the foyer and has a window and sound connection.

Later in the service we have a talk from the Bible that helps us to apply the great messages in God’s word to our lives today.

!cid_CC8F68C4-AB16-4F3F-9EFB-3DE564618DF6After the service we enjoy a cuppa and morning tea together. There are usually loaves of bread available for anyone who would like to take them.

!cid_8FBE7AD6-4BCC-4E8F-B07D-D1DE4D4FAF49We recognise that, when it comes to God, we are all starting from different places. If you want to ask questions about who God is, what he is like and what it means to know him, our hope is that our church will provide you with a space to work on that in your own time. In fact, we reckon that church is the best place you could be to work them out.


Where to find us

FRONTYou can find us at 28 Tunbridge Street in Margaret River. If you are coming into town from Busselton, you turn right onto Tunbridge Street at the Visitors’ Centre. Near the top of the hill you will see large lemon scented gums which mark our church. The first building you will probably notice is the old church, which is now used for youth, children’s and other activities- the larger main building is further back from the street.
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