How Do We Stop Complaining?

This morning I gave the following short talk at the Craft Group, and thought you may appreciate it:

A Trappist monk was allowed to say only two words every three years. After the first three years, he said to the Brother Superior, “Bad bed.” Three years later he came back to say, “Bad food.” After three more years of silence the monk said, “No TV.” Another three years passed. This time the monk appeared with robes and sandals in hand and announced, “I quit.” The Brother Superior answered, “It’s no wonder. You’ve done nothing but complain since you got here!”

A well known story available widely on the Internet (I copied and pasted this from

How do we stop complaining?

How do we start being thankful?

Well, I submit to you that we have to retrain our minds to think differently.

Scripture tells us to be, “transformed by the renewing of our minds.” (see Romans 12)

But, how do we renew our minds?

Well, Scripture also tells us to think on, “whatever is… praiseworthy.” (see Philippians 4)

Indeed, we can choose what we let our minds dwell on.

We can let our minds dwell on what is blameworthy, which will lead us to being faultfinders.

Or, we can let our minds dwell on what is praiseworthy, which will lead us to be appreciative.

Of course, the greatest praiseworthy thing we can allow our minds to dwell on is Jesus Christ.

If we can dwell on Jesus, the real Jesus, the Jesus who is the incarnate love of God, then I think our minds will be renewed and our actions will be upgraded from complaining to rejoicing.

Amen? Amen.

From Pastor Craig.