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I’m passionate about parenting. In parenting we want to imitate our Father in heaven, which is a task none of us are worthy of. This means we need a lot of prayer, and grace, and persistence, and wisdom. As I prepared my first ever “Father’s Day Message” this year, I realised how blessed I have been by the wisdom of others, including wisdom that has come through books and other resources.

I’m posting links to some of these resources here because I believe they could be helpful to others, and also because I’m not planning to keep interrupting my sermon each time I’m using a good idea from these resources.

1) For every father
Sign up at thefatheringproject.org to get a short helpful email on fathering in your inbox every week. I struggle think of a good reason you a father would not sign up for this.

2) Christian books on fatherhood and parenting
Gospel Centered Family by Tim Chester & Ed Moll. A great little study book. Miriam and I each went through it separately, other couples do it together, some small groups work it as their study for a term Fantastic for helping you think about parenting through a gospel lens.

Fatherhood: What it is and what it’s for by Tony Payne. A good book for thinking through the significance of God’s fatherhood for human fathering.

3) Fathering books by Christians for a general audience
Fathering in the Fast Lane by Bruce Robinson. I know Bruce- he’s an asbestos cancer specialist. Whenever he had to tell men the bad news about their cancer, their regrets were almost always about their fathering. Bruce wanted something to help fathers, so he interviewed a host of different fathers from plumbers to prime ministers and compiled the wisdom from them and from the research into this book. It’s full of wonderful quotes from diverse fathers and their children and put Bruce on the track to national awards and the establishment of The Fathering Project (see above)

The Sixty Minute Father by Rob Parsons. The shortest and easiest to read book on this list. Also has some highly memorable take-away messages (one of which is quoted in the sermon)

4) General fathering books
There are lots. Steve Biddoulph is a great author to start with. The Fathering Project has a good compilation.

5) For reading with Kids.
Every picture Bible has its limitations- We used a mix to balance each other out. The best was The Jesus Storybook Bible
For primary aged kids we found Table Talk: Bible discovery for families really good. I’ll have our old copies at church to give away.
For something different, we adapted http://newcitycatechism.com/ as our kids got older.
Just reading the Bible together is great.

I pray at least one of these resources is a blessing to you.

Mike L

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Michael is married to Miriam and they have three kids. As well as talking to people about Jesus and sharing the adventures of family life, Michael enjoys bushwalking, bodysurfing and helping out at junior footy. Before coming to Margaret River in 2008, Michael has worked as a pastor in Perth and an engineer in Brisbane. He has also been a student in Perth and in Panama.

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