What we are on about and other questions

What we are on about

We are a loving community desiring to know God, share Christ and care for people.

Breaking this down, we are first of all a loving community. We love because Jesus Christ first loved us. Jesus Christ gave his life to offer us a relationship that transforms life now and for eternity.

Like our town, our church community contains people of a diverse range of ages, occupations and backgrounds. Our church family is brought together as a loving community because we share the love and forgiveness God freely gives us in Jesus.

Know GodWe desire to know God. There is nothing bigger or better than knowing the God who made you and who loves you. Knowing God is at the root of everything that we do. We are convinced it is possible to know God because he has revealed himself in the man Jesus Christ and through his word, the Bible. We seek to know God more and more through his Son, his word, Christ’s people and his Spirit.

We desire to share everything about Jesus ChristShare Christ. Through Christ we are connected to God and have life in him, like a branch is connected into a grapevine. We believe Christ loved us so much he willingly died to save us. We believe that Jesus rose again from the dead- demonstrating real power that can change our lives forever if we are willing to believe in him. We want to share Christ with those who do not yet know him. In the complexities of everyday life, we also want to share Jesus with each other so we do not lose sight of all Christ has done.

We desire to care for people.Care for People  Jesus cared for people so much that he sacrificed his life for us. As followers of Jesus, we want to grow in caring for people, just as vines grow fruit. We will express this in the way we act towards each other, in the activities we do together and the ways we serve the wider community, as well as in the way we live throughout the week.

As we seek to grow in knowing God, sharing Christ and caring for people, we are very aware that while God is already working to transform us, we still have a long way to go. We remain confident in our standing with God not because of our own achievements, but because Jesus gave his life to win forgiveness and new life for us. We also look forward to when Jesus returns and brings in a new creation where everything will be set right and we will know God fully.

What we believe and value

For more on what we believe, please follow this link to our Statement of Faith: Statement of Faith

You might also like to look at our Core Values. Simply use this link:  Core Values

Safe Church

Providing a safe environment, especially for the vulnerable, is an important part of caring for people. As such, we follow Safe Church practices, utilising the resources and training from Baptist Churches WA.



Brief responses to some questions we are often asked:

Why is there a brush stuck in the wall?

20161017_121458Over 20 years ago, the congregation made the bricks for the church themselves. The pastor at the time, Howard, reportedly dropped the brush in a brick at the end of a long day. They decided to leave it there to remember making the bricks, and its now above the door to the pastors’ office.

Is that a huge bath near the screen?

Sort of- it is for baptising people. We baptise people by immersing them under the water when they want to publicly declare they will follow Christ. We often hold baptisms at the beach as well.

Do you conduct weddings?

Yes. We strongly encourage all couples considering marriage to undertake pre-marriage counselling.

Tell me more about the way the church runs

The church members elect a board to oversee governance of the church, which is an incorporated body.

Here’s a basic handout on church membership: MRBC Membership

Here’s a copy of our constitution: MRBC Constitution